Sales Cloud On-site Launch (Onsite or Remote)

This package is most valuable for :

Companies who want to work with experienced professionals to kick start the implementation of thier org and start making appointments, track their opportunities and close deals. Automate some of your sales processes from Step 1 to help your sales and marketing people to be more productive from Step 6. In addition, keep consistent communication with your customers and prospects using email templates.

Includes the following :

  • Business Process Review/Discovery Session
  • Map user stories (requirements) to design kickstart of Sales Cloud
  • Setup Org Wide Defaults (OWD settings)
  • Customize Sales Process including Campaigns and Opportunities
  • Create 2 Custom Email Templates
  • Create 1 Custom Letterhead
  • Setup 2 Workflows rules and actions
  • Create 5 Custom Reports
  • Standard Dashboard
  • Create and configure 1 custom object for functionality not available in standard Salesforce objects.
  • Configure following objects with up to 40 custom fields in total
    • Leads (including Web-to-Lead form configuration for your website)
    • Campaigns
    • Accounts
    • Contacts
    • Opportunities
  • Setup Users and Role hierarchy with upto 2 custom Profiles
  • Data Import up to 5,000 records in total from single source .csv file each for Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Opportunities. Data imported in as-is manner.
  • 3 hours of End User Training and 2 hours of System Administrator Training
  • Configure following standard objects with up to 20 custom fields in total:
    • Leads
    • Campaigns
    • Accounts
    • Contacts
    • Opportunities
  • Setup Users, Standard Roles & Profiles
  • 2 hours of End User Training and 2 hours of System Administrator Training

Out of Scope :

  • Data deduplication
  • Setup of Validation Rules
  • Workflow rules and actions of high complexity
  • Complex Reports
  • Custom Dashboards
  • Setup of custom Record types and Page layouts
  • Triggers and Complex Coding
  • Advanced System Administrator Training such as ‘how to use import wizard’
  • This package is NOT for customers who currently use and are looking to optimize

Cost : $3,500.

Step 1 Business Process Review and Map user stories (requirements) to design quickstart. Customize Sales Process including Campaigns and Opportunities.
Step 2 Configure standard objects. Create and configure Custom object.
Step 3 Setup Org Wide Defaults, Users, Roles & standard/custom Profiles. Create letterhead, Email Templates and create Workflows rules and actions.
Step 4 Custom Reports, Standard Dashboard and Data Import. Review customization done with Client Project Manager.
Step 5 Quick fixes. End User and System Admin Training.

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