Data Migration Launch from .CSV files for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, & Opportunities

This package is most valuable for :

Companies who need help in loading data and making sure that your org has data integrity. The right contact and opportunities match with the right accounts and etc. Loading data the right way will eliminate the mistrust among your salesforce users and increase your user adoption.

Includes the following :

  • This service includes field definition, setup data mapping and data loading in standard objects
  • GTR provides data templates are provided to Client for each standard objects
  • Data imported in as-is manner
  • Single data template file with records will be imported in each object for up to 50,000 records for each object
    • Leads
    • Contacts
    • Accounts
    • Opportunities
  • Perform data validation once data is imported to make sure data is loaded properly in
  • Setup Users, Standard Roles & Profiles
  • 2 hours of End User Training and 2 hours of System Administrator Training

Prerequisites :

  • Need to have unique record identifier for associating Accounts with Contacts and Opportunities

Out of Scope :

  • This package does not include   the following:
    • Data cleansing or de-duplication
    • Migration of attachments
    • Incremental data migration imports. Incremental data import can be done at additional cost.

Cost : $3,000.

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