Client Success Stories

Recent Salesforce Customization Projects

Authentify (subcontracted under RightPoint to deliver this project)

Migrated an on premise solution to a cloud solution for a customer who had a huge customer database. Every 90 days, they externally create 697,000 records and 3 GB of files, which are then pushed into Salesforce and then subsequently deleted per schedule.

Authentify is security firm providing two-factor authentication systems to banks. They needed a powerful secure tool to report to those bank customers the successes and failures of those authentication sessions.

We provided their customers access to their aggregate session data analytics through a Customer Community. This implementation required a great deal of automation, including implementation of batch Apex, Visualforce pages, Triggers and many other prebuilt components. Security was a critical priority and getting the access controls right was critical to this project’s success.


This semiconductor and LED manufacturing giant required an effective cloud based CRM system. Bridelux has a global customer base, which must be managed with multiple tiered pricing for channel partner and customers.

The tier pricing was complex and required automation with custom components. Their unique pricing approval process needed triggers to be activated based on tier price. To manage installment payments, we implemented payment scheduling system.

Business Development Board of Palm Beach (BDB)

BDB is an economic development organization expert in providing information on relocation and expansion needs. The client published all of their investor’s details on their company website. The Client wished to automate the process of synchronizing Accounts and Contracts between Salesforce and their website.

We built a reliable solution for maintaining up to date information on the client’s online Investor Directory. GTR helped the client develop this application on the platform. This required writing Apex Classes to create .XML files and attach them to a URL.


Sunergos is an economic development organization with expertise in providing information on relocation and expansion needs. They wanted to generate and print on letterhead invoices for new and renewing memberships using Salesforce CRM.

We built a cost-effective, easy to use and reliable solution for generating Invoices in Salesforce CRM as per the requirements of the client. Since the built-in (Standard) template does not meet the requirements of the client, a custom template was developed using Visualforce Page. The Invoices are generated in the PDF format.

GTR provided a complete solution for generating the invoices and maintaining the amounts received by creating the necessary Custom Objects; and developing Apex Classes, Visualforce Pages, Apex Triggers, Validation Rules, and Custom Tabs.


iKnowledge’s global client needed to localize their customer portal and partner portal. This required advanced administrative and development skills to enable the localization features, portal customizing, updated landing pages, objects and fields with translated content and multiple price books.

App Development Projects

Fusion Framework Management

Fusion Framework Systems is one of the best solutions available for enterprise customers needing to manage risk assessment and business continuity activities. This app produces a many very large documentations that needs to be managed. We built a unique document management security and management system based on Conga Document Generator.

Fusion was looking for a way to use Conga without each of their customer paying for a separate Fusion Risk license. The solution, among other things, integrated Conga Workflow and Conga Conductor in such a way as to reduce the more expensive Conga Composer Licenses. The solution required designing/building a Visualforce page User Interface to implement the solution. We also explored various e-Signature tools.

RPaaS- Recruiting Platform as a Service

(GTR’s AppExchange product)
RPaaS is a completely Visualforce based app. Its UI does not follow the Salesforce form. We have a product management cycle with monthly iterations of new features.

RPaaS screen by day applicants